If you live in California and have an older vehicle that has been registered in California for at least the past 2 years we would like to help you retire your vehicle and earn up to $1,500 for it! This may come as a surprise to many California residents, as the program, unfortunately, is barely advertised.

The State of California allocates millions of dollars annually towards retiring old vehicles from California residents. Thanks to this program, California residents can get as much as $1,500 for their vehicles if the program requirements are met. Unfortunately, close to zero advertising and a cloudy redemption process may be deterring residents from taking advantage of the program, and that is why we are here to HELP and guide you step by step so you can get up to $1,500 for your old vehicle!

The State Department hopes that by encouraging families to retire their vehicles they will succeed in removing older, less environmentally friendly vehicles from the road. It is believed that over half of the pollution in California is caused by 10 to 15 percent of the older vehicles that clog the State’s roadways. If Californians retire their old vehicles and buy newer more fuel-efficient vehicles that produce less pollution it will help keep California green!

It is imperative to get people into newer vehicles. Unfortunately, the expense of buying a new vehicle often deters people, causing them to hold on to their older vehicles for as long as possible, which is why the State is paying money for your older vehicles!

Vehicle Retirement Programs